Build a corporate empire.dominate your city_

A near-future strategy game for mobile.

Fractured Skyline is a single player game that combines empire-building with turn-based strategic missions using combat and subterfuge.

A dark, dystopian story unfolds as you play squads of collectible cards to claim areas of the real world and power your corp to victory.


the game

Explore. Engage. Expand.

You are a small corporation, and your goal is simple:
become the biggest corporation the world has yet seen.

To subjugate. Or liberate?

In 2087 every street belongs to an enforced region called a cell. Your power is represented by the library of Unit, Gear, Action, Upgrade and Strategy cards your corporation has at its disposal.

Use your phone to discover cells as you walk, then unleash your forces to win a variety of strategic missions. Maximise your influence over a cell by completing missions then add it to your empire to expand your power.



Blast. Hack. Subvert.

Using cards and cunning, hand pick a team loadout for each mission. Command your own strategy by playing the deck directly onto the game board the way you see fit.

Maintain your strength by building cards from your inventory and keep up with your competition by researching new technology from an expanding range of Unit, Gear and Action cards.

Combining cards in Fractured Skyline allows you to flex both muscle and intellect to bend the world to your will.

Across multiple card classes, mix and match play styles to suit any mission.



A global game board.

Set in the world around you, missions are your opportunities to demonstrate your power. To become the dominant corp in each cell you’ll face off against AI-controlled rival corporations and government forces. Be prepared to assassinate rivals, protect locations, and hack government systems for your corporation’s gain.

Complete a single mission for cash, cards and other rewards. Complete all missions in a cell and it becomes part of your empire. This brings you closer to your goal of world domination by providing you with greater income and expanded card creation power.

Over a variety of mission types use turn-based strategy, card combinations and cunning to go up against the mission’s objectives and take them down.

Meet The Team

Isaac Dart

Technical Director

Game Design, Programming

Forged in the heart of London's financial software industry, Isaac emerged into the light of game dev in 2011 through ITU Copenhagen's MSc in Game Technologies.

His unquenchable creativity with C# and Unity finds him published twice in the areas of procedural content generation (PCG) and artificial intelligence (AI) with Skynet (minus the human genocide) as his ultimate dream..

Fave Games: Space Quest, Bioshock, Minecraft, Star Wars Lego, Star Craft 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Dean Gifford

Creative Director

Game & UI Design, PM, BizDev

Syndicate hooligan and strategy devotee. Combining his design background and newfound code skills, Dean wrangles the game design and UI for FracSky in between team project management and bizdev.

Fave Games: Syndicate, Magic TG physical cards, Space Hulk, Skyrim, GTA4, Minecraft


Nick Van Diem

3D Artist


Nils Iver H


Note on. Note off. Eat pan flute. Be it programming or music composition, Nils gives it his all. He strives to colour his music with unique sounds and emotive harmonies.

Fave Games: Resident Evil 4, Mega Man, Gradius, StarCraft, Mass Effect Trilogy, Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana

Luca Giadurnella

3D Artist

In love with JRPGs, survival horrors and pigs. With his education and experience in games and 3D design, Luca has created the core 3D architectural models for FracSky.

Fave Games: FF7, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Kaste Gris (just another rolling pigs game)


Sarah Kinsman


Sarah's story life began with princesses and pirates and a heavy dose of idealism. After a stint in the Sydney underworld circa 1990s, a criminology and sociology degree, and a standard dose of Gen X malaise, she 's now committed to telling tales full time.

Fave Games: Tekken 2, Mass Effect

Ian McCaughrean


A devotee of the Cintiq and the arcane powers of Photoshop, Ian likes to draw cool new stuff when he isn't mooching around art galleries or at the movies.

Fave Games: Open world First Person exploration /shooters. Fallout 3, Metro First Light.

Pretty Games: The Last Of Us, Crysis, Far Cry.

Michael Raasch

Backend Programmer

CMS extraordinaire and generally nice guy. Michael has over 25 years of professional software development under his belt and, being German, preaches the "Vorsprung durch Technik" mantra. He lives, loves and works in London fairly close to the Preliminal HQ so he is always at hand for brainstorming and the mandatory beers afterwards.


Fave Games: Halo, MIDI Maze, Fort Apocalypse

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